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Court and Community Supporters

I am honored to have the support of my colleagues and community for my candidacy.

Emma Allen
Alesha Brown
Walter Bowers
Harold Cogdell
James Cyrus
Ann Daniel
Bobby Drakeford
Hon. George Dunlap
Hon. Yvonne Mims Evans
James Exum
Annetta Foard
Hon. Linwood Foust
Mark Gott
Baron Groshon

Robyn Hicks-Guinn
Stephanie Hoffman
Virginia Keogh
Mekka Jeffers Nelson

Mark Jetton
George V. Laughrun II
Hon. Regan Miller
Senator Mujtaba A. Mohammed
Kevin Poirier
Mary Rogers
Thurmond Ross
Hon. Terry Sherrill

Kenneth Snow
Geraldine Sumter
Noell Tin
Hon. Yolanda Trotman
Connie Vetter
Bob Ward
Hon. Darrell Williams

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